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Streamlined Island Annexation Process (Government Code §56375.3)

The law provides that an "island annexation" initiated by a City must be approved by LAFCO and protest proceedings are waived if the following requirements are met:

  1. Annexation is proposed by resolution of the annexing city.
  2. The island is 150 acres or less in size.
  3. The island is surrounded or substantially surrounded by the annexing city or by the annexing city and adjacent cities.
  4. The island is not a gated community where services are currently provided by a community services district.
  5. The island is substantially developed or developing based on the availability of public utilities, presence of public improvements or the presence of physical improvements on the parcels within the area.
  6. The island is not prime agricultural land as defined in Government Code Section 56064.
  7. The island is receiving benefits from the annexing city or will benefit from the city.
  8. The island was not created after January 1, 2000.
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